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Cam ce zice și titlul. Mă gândesc că s-ar putea să fie amuzant, mai destindem atmosfera, poate stârnim discuții despre niște benzi prin comentarii(dar mă îndoiesc). Oricum, ne râdem de americani, că-s proști dă-i dracu’!

Citind recenziile astea și încă niște unele pe care nu le-am selectat aflăm că benzile în alb și negru sunt nașpa. Pur și simplu. Exceptând atunci când au zombii. Că zombi sunt AWESOME și deci se anulează. Că awesome și-a cam schimbat definiția și e aruncat peste tot, tot timpul. Că benzile desenate nu pot naște opere profunde, inteligente, personale, prin simplul fapt că au poze. Că cele mai mișto benzi desenate, în special cu supereroi, sunt cele care vor cu disperare să fie filme sau seriale; oricum, asta-i singura lor valoare, ideea că într-un viitor ar putea fi adaptate. Că animalele din Maus sunt al dracului de greu de interpretat. Că benzile desenate nu sunt demne de atenția unor oameni asta știam, dar că acei oameni cumpără chestii fără să aibă habar ce sunt, era mai puțin așteptat.

La Fun Home: A family tragicomic:

not what I expected, July 6, 2012

Maybe I didn’t look clsely enough when I ordered this book…..I didn’t realize that it was in comic book style……stopped reading it after the first few pages.
Help other customers find the

Deci persoana asta nu s-a prins de gluma din titlu.


La Persepolis:

1.0 out of 5 stars an utter failure, May 28, 2010
I have just finished reading Persepolis and found it terribly flawed. It was my first graphic-novel, and this first experience will probably keep me from trying any other examples of this genre.

The black and white artwork (?) is unremarkable and without much nuance. It quickly becomes tedious. The text is shallow, thin, banal, and pedestrian. The author is no Flaubert.

Tai aici niște bucăți care nu sunt chiar atât de interesante pentru exercițiul de față

Had the author decided to write a memoir using lots more prose and no pictures, her story of growing up in an oppressive society might have been richer, more nuanced, more engaging, and more profound.

La Maus:

Why Focus negatively on the Poles?, April 21, 2011

The problem I have with this book is it’s focus on the negative and its potential negative effect on children. For one thing, I know many Poles are offended by the depiction of Poles as Pigs and re opens wounds for both Jews and Poles. Why should we inflict our own negative experiences and racial, cultural prejudices on children? We need to focus on the positive as adults and especially with children and begin building positive relationships in our communities between Jews, Poles and every other group. The Poles are not any more antisemitic than any other group. I could give you literally 1000s of examples. Most recently, a college professor of mine was visiting Prague where she stopped for a drink at a Pub run by a Brit living in Prague. When he found out that she lived in Miami, he said “how can you stand living around so many Jews?”

I genuinely feel that the Polish community is unfairly assassinated by people who have what Eckhard Tolle describes as a “Heavy-pain body”. Im not arguing that people like Spiegalman dont experience the pain of the memory of the Jewish Holocaust (inflicted by Germans BTW)…but, perhaps we need to heal the pain instead of picking the scab?

Pentru Superman: Earth One

5.0 out of 5 stars Great, August 16, 2012
I don’t write review, but i really liked this book….They are making me write more so I will.. Great Art, Story, Characters, villian.

Îmi inspiră puțin WTF comentariul ăsta. Pe de altă parte, care din cele prezente nu fac asta?

Pentru Batman: Hush:

SO freaking awesome, May 21, 2010

This book blew me away!. The art work on this Novel was exhillarating to say the least. The storyline is fantastic too. I would recommend anyone who loves a good Novel to read to get this one. Probably the best Novel I’ve read so far!.

Probabil nu trebuia să mai scot și eu în evidență NOVEL.

Absolute Hush, February 7, 2010

Wow! The mystery, the romance, the action, the art… a fine piece of comic book. I personally like this story because it’s a detective adventure. Absolute hush for Jim Lee and Jeph Lobe’s master peace.

5.0 out of 5 stars Batman: Hush was phenomenal, December 31, 2011

Very very very impressed. This read like a great action film, but it brings pretty much all of Batman’s universe together into 320 FAST paced pages. Mandatory reading.

Pentru Batman: Court of Owls vol. 1

Awesome, August 31, 2012

When batman started to go crazy it was like what the fudge Is happening. In a cool way then I was like this book was awesome when the pages started to go sideways then upside down to show batman isn’t all there so this had a great story and pretty good art work this is a must buy can’t wait for volume 2 and the dark knight & the dark knight rises was awesome, kPop 4 life

Pentru The Walking Dead:

5.0 out of 5 stars a “Zombie movie fans” MUST HAVE, September 17, 2008

ITs an excellent graphic novel. the ending is a little sudden but they make up for it with 2 more books and also the art kinda worsens throughout this book its starts out awesome but then ends up crappy..its all white and black also.but its the best series I’ve ever read…if you liked 28 days later and diary of the dead please Purchase this ENTIRE series you WILL not regret it

Nu că n-ar avea dreptate că Adlrad este un artist mai slab, măcar mai puțin interesant, decât Tony Moore. Ceea ce într-un fel, o face să fie printre cele mai bune și adevărate recenzii de  5 stele.

Absolutely stunning!, August 31, 2009

At the beggining I though itr was lame because it started just like the ’28 Days Later’ Movie. I havent been able to check if they have anything to do with each other, but at this point I dont really care. The novel is gorgeously drawn and the story is amazing. I really recomend this comic book to anyone. I’m not too much of a comic guy, but since I saw it’s review on the Totally Rad Show ([…]) I had to but this comic and I have no regrets… *Fistpum

Ăsta-i trolaj, nu? N-are cum să fie altceva.






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