Pe 1 iunie Jerry Holkins de la Penny Arcade a zis următoarele:

”I don’t understand what it is about the idea of a “medium” that people find so confusing; it’s a conceptual space where works that share certain characteristics may occur.  Nobody is going to approve of the entire continuum.  There’s no shortage of games for the broadest possible audience – there isn’t, and grotesque sums are being made seeking the wide part of the curve.  There are also niches, as in any ecology.  You can certainly find things you don’t like, but those things aren’t anti-matter; when they come into contact with things you do like, there is no hot flash which obliterates both.  This totalizing dialogue, where “everything” and “everyone” is this or that, and here are the teams, and morality is a linear abstraction as opposed to its three dimensional reality is a crock of fucking shit.

The swooning and fainting and so forth about this stuff, the fever, is comical in its preening intensity.  There is clearly some kind of competition to determine who is the most scandalized. […]

The answer is always more art; the corollary to that is the answer is never less art.  If you start to think that less art is the answer, start over.  That’s not the side you want to be on. The problem isn’t that people create or enjoy offensive work. “

Vorbește despre jocuri video, că doar acestui mediu de divertisment îi este dedicat siteul, dar nu văd cum nu se poate extinde către orice altă formă de artă. Și îmi aduce aminte de câteva discuții ce s-au purtat prin spațiul critic, atrofiat cum este, al benzii desenate românești; discuții în care participanții continuă să limiteze spectrul a ceea ce se poate face prin banda desenată. Când prezența oficială a acestei forme de artă este atât de firavă ultimul lucru care trebuie făcut este trasarea unor limite între ceea ce este bandă desenată autentică și ceea ce nu este.